Exciting Things You Can Do In Boise ID

Will you be taking a quick trip through Boise and Idaho? If you will me, you will want to find some things to do. It’s one of those locations that many people may not think about visiting until they actually spend a few days in this capital city of Idaho. There are many locations such as the Boise national force that many people visit from all over the country. There are also fun things that you can do. Here are a few of the best experiences that you can have while you are in Boise ID.

Julia Davis Park

If you are going to be in Julia Davis Park for just a few hours, you will see why this municipal park is so popular. If you happen to have a hotel in downtown Boise, it’s probably just a quick walk from your location. It was donated years ago, and has many beautiful things that you can see. Once you are done there, you should take a drive down what is called the Boise Greenville.

Boise Greenville Drive

If you have the time, take your rental car and go through this recreational area. It will take you right along the Boise River. It is called a Greenway, not so much a Greenbelt, and you will get to see many beautiful sites. It’s designed for people that just want to go on a relaxing drive.

There are other places that you can go when you visit. You might want to take a tour of the Old Idaho State Penitentiary. It’s a landmark in the area, and many people visit to and take pictures of the 30 historic buildings. Regardless of where you go in Boise ID, you will have a good time. It is recommended that you travel during the warmer months as it can be very cold. Plan your trip accordingly and it might be one of the best vacations that you have taken in a long time.