Dogs Destined for Meat Market Hope for New Homes in Boise

BOISE — A dozen dogs that had been raised to be sold to a South Korean meat market are getting a second chance in the City of Trees.

The dogs were flown into Boise by nonprofit animal rescue Dog is My Copilot Friday morning, and handed over to the Idaho Humane Society.

Idaho Humane Society spokeswoman Allison Maier said the twelve animals were saved from “really dismal conditions” at a backyard breeder operation in Seongnam, South Korea.

“It’s a bit of an unusual transfer for us,” she said.

The Idaho Humane Society has been designated an “emergency placement partner” by the Humane Society of the United States – due in part, Maier said, to the fact that the Boise shelter’s intake is lower and there is frequently space to take in dogs or cats from other areas.

The emergency placement designation means the Idaho Humane Society is eligible to take in dogs seized from abusive homes elsewhere, or displaced by natural disasters.

“We’ll work on vet checks, behavior checks, rehabilitation and eventually put them up for adoption,” Maier said of the newest additions.

The dogs appear to be mixes of the Shiba Inu and Korean Jindo breeds, according to the shelter. Maier says those breeds are known for being active and very loyal. Most of the dogs that came to Boise are under 30 pounds.

Maier said staff at the Humane Society had wondered whether the dogs would be fearful of people after their rough start at life. She was pleasantly surprised.

“A lot of them seemed pretty friendly, toward the front of the kennels, seemed interested and curious to meet people,” she said.

Although the dogs were checked and vaccinated before entering the country, Maier said the Idaho Humane Society wants to do its own evaluations before placing the dogs in forever homes. Most will be ready to adopt within a few months, she said.

Check the Idaho Humane Society’s website for availability.

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