Boise, ID, Where The Best Craft Beer Is Brewed

There are certain cities and states that just naturally have a great beer because they have a long tradition of brew pubs. In many of these brew pubs, the beer is made from natural ingredients right there on site. Once beer drinkers experience real beer, made from all natural malted barley, hops, and toasted grains, they’ll never want to drink canned beer again. One of the best towns in the West for Craft Beer is Boise, Idaho.

There Is The Wine And Beer Expo At Hyde Park

In this particular beer fest, there are usually over a dozen local breweries and half a dozen wineries that will all have tables and grills set up inside. All of the beers will come in the 22 oz. bottle which will fit perfectly in the large commemorative glass mugs you can buy there. There is usually an entry fee that gets you special tokens, each is good for 4 different beer taste tests. Then there will also be a token for food but you can buy as much food as you can eat, it’s great.

There will almost always be tons of ribs, smoked meats, and all kinds of burgers and sausages as well. There are plenty of other booths with local artists selling their wares and different music venues too. This is 21 and older only, no kids allowed.

Boise, ID Has An Entire Craft Beer Month

Yes, you read that right, the whole month of April is dedicated to Craft Beers. It’s supported by the Idaho Tourism Association to encourage and inform the country where the best high-quality Craft Beers are brewed. It has grown into a multi-million dollar industry with nationwide recognition.

If you’re looking for a place to live where great beers are brewed and consumed you can’t go wrong with Boise, ID. The air is fresh, the food is fantastic, and the beer unsurpassed.