New ‘Naked’ seafood restaurant to open in Boise | Idaho Statesman

Fins Concepts co-owner Derek Hood isn’t ready to bare his soul about Naked Fins, a new restaurant he’s planning to unveil in Boise on Broadway Avenue. But he does share a hint. About the naked part. “It’s not Twin Peaks — don’t worry,” Hood says with a laugh, referring to the “breastaurant” sports-bar chain with a location near the Boise Spectrum. Slated to debut this summer, Naked Fins, 1120 S….

Idaho senator shouts at students lobbying for birth control

Idaho senator shouts at students lobbying for birth control More BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A Republican state senator who shouted at University of Idaho students in the Capitol to lobby for a birth control bill on Monday now faces an ethics complaint after a tweet from an account presenting as the lawmaker’s directed students to discuss “killing babies” with a Democratic colleague. State Sen. Maryanne Jordan filed the complaint against…

From ‘soft, immature, entitled’ to the ‘best player in Boise State history’

Two years before he would become his coach, Phil Beckner met with Chandler Hutchison as a favor to a friend. Hutchison was a 6-foot-7, 170-pound freshman guard for the Boise State men’s basketball team, and coach Leon Rice and assistant coach Jeff Linder thought Beckner could provide Hutchison with some pointers. “I could tell he was really, really talented, but just kind of questioned what most people questioned about him….

Sprawl threatens this piece of Boise’s fringe. Could it bring the next Bown Crossing?

Mark Hoffman bought a four-wheel-drive Toyota Highlander so he can go off-road and escape a wildfire should the one road in and out of his neighborhood be blocked. He keeps a pair of wire cutters under the driver’s seat so he can cut through metal fences. A retired school teacher and administrator, Hoffman lived through a 1996 fire in Alaska that burned almost 40,000 acres north of Anchorage. He lived…